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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Sun

The morning started like this:

Three hours later:
It's chilly, and there are snow showers forecasted for tonight, but the light is pure Spring. There are buds on the flowering quince already...
And Dottie (one of our four cats) has actually ventured out of her fleece-lined bed to bask in the sun:
  I worked hard yesterday, beginning Spring cleaning with the kitchen. Put on a CD I compiled years ago with the unlikely combination of Madonna's Like a Prayer; Age of Aquarius; a dash of Aerosmith; a little Grass Roots; Meredith Brooks' Bitch and dozens more, sang loudly (because no one could hear my terrible voice except the dogs, and they refrained from howling) and danced around while I scrubbed, polished and decluttered. It was almost fun!
I've accepted that the kitchen table is the permanent home for the spinning wheel. We don't use it all that often, and it will keep the wheel safe from Lola...

All that work deserves a reward, so today am going to visit the Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Company for the first time, then spend the afternoon with a friend I haven't seen in many months. Rumor has it the sun will melt to rain and snow showers later, but for this moment, I can taste Spring coming, as sweet and sharp as pea shoots.


Robin Larkspur said...

Wow, where did you get all that energy to start spring cleaning?! I hope the quince will be okay incase Mother Nature decides to give us all a "spring" blizzard! Your kitchen looks great, btw. Your kitty looks like she is saying, "I'm cold, but dammit, it's sunny and I'm going to enjoy this whether I like it or not", lol!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hi Ashling

your weather sounds a bit like ours today.

This morning we had sunshine, then hail, now sleet
hoping that the snow stays away
we don't want it here in Ireland!!!

Love the loom, it suits the table beautifully.

Kitty looks cute too.

Enjoy your weekend

x Fiona

ps any chance you can get rid of theat horrible word verification thingy, it is driving me nuts and my eyes are strained!!!!

laurie said...

your kitchen looks wonderful, wish I had that space, I think the table is the best place too right now! Looks wonderful,