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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rhapsody in Red

Farmstand strawberries, sweet & juicy. Four quarts went in the freezer so we can make jam when we have more time; two quarts were washed & sliced for more instant gratification.

Why yes, those beets are from OUR garden, thank you! They shall soon join the two farmstand bunches we bought & pickled yesterday.

Sometimes life can be a bowl of 'em....and these are so sweet and delicious!

What color was your weekend?


the wild magnolia said...

lovely fruits and veggie, I guess beets are a veggie, i love all three.

the color of my weekend, you ask? sun glare steam, today reaching 95 degrees, 100 was forecast. thankful we aren't there yet. the other color was gray rain clouds.

and still we have a super weekend going on. Natchitoches, Louisiana. i took a gazillion pictures and will go back one more time to photograph the historic homes.

take care of you and have a winning week.

Rubye Jack said...

They're so good but they cost so much. Cherries are $4.99 and strawberries $3.99 a pound here. Crazy. I buy the cherries anyway.

Jen said...

Beets from your garden? I'm impressed.
And those farmstand strawberries just melt in your mouth. My weekend was Vermont green with some goat cheese thrown in.

In My Wild Eden said...

I am impressed with your beets too! Ours are tiny. I can't wait until they are bigger. I love pictures of fruits and veggies! Our weekend was green while we camped under the trees.

laurie said...

such a bounty!! Lovely colors, I just found you today, I'm glad I did!
Color of my weekend was sunny yellow, sunshine all weekend!!!

Ashling said...

Greens & yellows, with a touch of gray. sounds like a great weekend all around!

Akannie said...

Hi Ashling--

Hmmm...we finally got some much needed rain in these parts. So it was grey and lush green around here..and worth every drop!

I haven't planted beets yet,am gonna put them in a fall crop after the lettuces and stuff leave because it's too hot. lol I still have a pretty good inventory of beets, pickled and not, from last years canning, so I'm good.

I would give anything to grow cherries like that here...I have a Montmorency, tree, which are the tart pie cherries, but I can eat myself sick on sweet cherries. lol Even those, the birds beat me to every year. All the earth's critters gotta eat, I guess.

Can't wait to get in here and read your blog--thanks for coming by mine. I'll be back...